Blocked Drains Gold Coast

We are experts in blocked drains!

We literally have hundreds of delighted customers whose drains we have unblocked. From blocked sewer drains and clogged storm water drains to domestic problems such as blocked bath drains, blocked shower or sink drains, we’ve got you covered.

Drainage is important and there for a reason and if you have a drain issue you should contact us immediately, or you could be facing major problems.

Drains can become blocked for a number of reasons, some foreign object has found its way into your drainage system, or perhaps a tree root has grown and blocked your sewer drains.

We’ve invested over $100,000 to make sure we can offer the cheapest, most efficient unblocking service in the area. Here’s how it works:-

  1. We use a CCTV drain inspection kit (we have different sizes for different drains). This means that we’re able to locate and the problem area quickly without the need for us to dig up the ground to inspect the drains. We offer this service free of charge. We’ll be able to show you on camera the extent of the damage or blockage. This saves a significant amount of time and therefore lowers costs.
  2. We will provide you with a quote for the work that is necessary to clear your drain blockage or repair cracked pipes.
  3. We’re able to use high pressure drain clearing techniques to resolve the problem. Our high pressure jet clearing operates at up to 5000PSI, which is enough pressure to cut through tree roots, as well as clear grease, debris or solids in sewer drainage systems or storm water drains.

If the pipes are damaged then there are two main possibilities for repairing the drains, depending on the extent of the problems we’re able to see using our CCTV inspection equipement.

  1. Spot repairs for drains are performed by replacing a section of the drain at the site of the damage. This is suitable for repairing one off problems such as a tree root causing the damage.
  2. If your drainage system is old and there are many places where the pipes are damaged, or the whole pipe is in a bad condition after deteriorating over a number of years, we will use a mini excavator to replace the entire section of pipe. Sometimes this can be avoided by using a new technique called ‘sewer pipe lining’, which means no digging is required.

Here is a list of the types of drains that are usually found in or near a residential property:

  • Sewer pipes – These are made up of earthenware (clay) or PVC (plastic). They are installed underground and under the house to connect the house to the council’s main sewer line.
  • Waste pipes – These are usually made of PVC , copper, brass, or lead pipes that are installed above the ground to connect sanitary fixtures such as bath, shower, sink, and tub and floor waste, to house drainage.
  • Storm water pipes – These are earthenware or PVC drains that are installed underground to connect downpipes, subsoil system and surface water system and surface water system to the street gutter, easement or tank.
  • Surcharge gully – This is an open drain that has a grate designed to overflow outside if the sewer drain is blocked.
  • Vent pipe – This pipe is installed through the roof to let air come into the sewer lines.
  • Stacks – These are installed inside or outside multi-level buildings, the purpose of which is to collect and drain sewage waste.

Drains you’re responsible for:

  • Sewer pipes – Your responsibility ends at the junction of the main sewer (the council’s responsibility), whether it is on your property or not!
  • Storm water pipes – Your responsibility ends at the street gutter or connection to the council’s common drain.

Common Causes of Blocked Drains

  • Sewer pipes – Tree roots, fat, grease, sanitary products, paper, toys, broken pipes or fittings, blockage in the council’s main sewer.
  • Storm water pipes – Tree roots, leaves, silt, broken or squashed pipes
  • Other drains – Fat, grease, hair, soap, sand, body grime

If you think you have a blocked drain, water is either pooling on your land or inside your property, or you notice that a drain is taking longer than usual to get rid of the water then you should call us immediately on 1300 433 585

The problem is very unlikely to clear itself and early diagnosis of the cause of the blockage can mean much lower costs to put the drain system right.

Here are some images showing our latest drain inspection and unblocking tools and cameras: